Monday, 12 January 2009

Cumbria Birding - Canoe Required

A trip up to Cumbria with Ade for some work saw me driving through massive flooded areas and for a while i was thinking a boat may have been more useful than my car, however a quite day produced some more self-found Waxwings, and a few year ticks in the form of Whooper Swan, Dipper (!!!!- for those in the know), Pink-footed Goose and Sky Lark. An afternoon watch of the Gretna Starling roost was a little more interesting than usual, it turns out pulling up outside a Diesel Storage Depot doesn't go down well with the local Po Pos!!! Luckily one of them was a wildlife Liaison officer so brought our reason for loitering around!! After they let us go we found the roost over at Gretna Services which was as awesome as the last time i saw it in December, a Buzzard and a year tick in the form of an adult male Peregrine was a smart end to the day as they were both hunting the Starlings. Year list ton up, 102 now. Hopefully i might get some free time tomorrow in the PM in Dumb fries and Galloway for some more wildfowl...

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