Sunday, 11 January 2009

I love Sunday Bird-Watchers

Today I went to Potteric Carr with my wife Jenny and BFF Ade, what can I say, O.M.G.!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shouldn't go out on a Sunday, it's way too stressful!!! We did a little walk to the most important stop, the cafe, but first of all we dropped into Willow Hide for Water Rail and Willow Tit, both were new year birds and seen well at very close range. It was nice to be able to see lots of interesting birds so close.

After a cracking Bacon sandwich we moved across to Piper Hide, enjoying good views of a Kingfisher en route. Though we scanned and scanned we couldn't find the Bitterns, not sure if anyone did today? The only bird of interest we saw there was a nice drake Pintail. Then it was on to Huxter Hexagonal hide or whatever it's called... This was where it got interesting, we immediately got onto the Caspian Gull that was showing well, however, some in the hide seemed unable to differentiate it from Black-headed or Common Gulls, and thought they were still watching the Caspo 20 minutes after it had flown off!!! Never mind, and then there was the ones thinking the Caspo was actually a Ring-billed Gull...... and the ones claiming a self-found tick... you can't claim a self-found tick if the birds been there for over 2 months! That's just wrong! Though I was the first person to see it in my scope view so maybe i can have it as a self-found too???? Answers on a postcard......

All in all an interesting day, at least it was warmer than of late with a few new year ticks.

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