Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Same old same old...FOG

I hate fog. Another mornings birding screwed up by not being able to see more than 100m. A really frustrating start to the day with the only glimmer of light being a year tick Nuthatch (134) that was hunter gathering along the wall in front of my B&B window. This was pretty much the highlight of today's birding, other interesting observations included 7 Whooper Swan and a load more common waterfowl. A Grey Heron sat in a nest was a bit early but it looked like it was staking a claim in the immense structure. A few interesting Buzzards were noted, one very pale with another incredibly dark individual that looked more like a Black Kite when it was sat on the ground. Lets hope the weather improves tomorrow...

***Late night update, Tawny Owl (year tick 135), calling outside tonight's B&B in south western Scotland, coolio!

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