Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The year list gets going, and a 2nd look at the GWGull

It was a bit hard to decide what to do after the stonkingness of the Glaucous-winged Gull so I thought I better go down to Fairburn to look at the Long-eared Owls that were roosting there. After a brisk walk down to the bottom of the Lynn Dyke end I found 4 LEOs, two really obvious and then another two a bit better hidden in the scrub, a nice start! Other bits added to the start of the year list included Little Owl and Tree Sparrow, though i didn't really grill much other than the owls.

It was back to work on Monday the 5th, I didn't mind as I knew I stood a chance of adding Red Kite to my year list, which took no time at all to get, they always amaze me and I love driving past Harewood and seeing them when I'm in the office.

My first work trip of the new year took me up to Blyth, Northumberland this was the first visit to an estuary and coast of the new year so everything was new for the year however highlights included Water Pipit, Jack Snipe and 20 Purple Sandpiper.

On the way back home i had an hour or so of light left, it had to be done, I stopped in at Saltholme and within a few minutes of rolling up at the site was looking at the Glaucous-winged Gull again, this time it was closer than before, better light, less birders and with less other birds so viewing was much better than on the 2nd. I was really pleased to get further looks at this bird and may well go back again if I'm passing and it's still around as it's an awesome bird.

Poor quality phone shots below...

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