Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A Brief Seawatch

I got in an early survey in today down in bright but cold Nottinghamshire which was not particularly interesting however it did allow me to get out to the coast for a brief spell this afternoon.

Fieldfare arrived big-style this morning when I recorded a minimum of 850 flying southwest, with at least 250 Redwing and a sprinkling of Skylark and assorted finches in with them. (this was in a 15 minute period).

On arrival at Flamborough this afternoon I was greeted by a sleet shower. I'd just about unpacked my scope as a Short-eared Owl was called out as it made it's final few wing beats over the north sea, before heading onto the head. It is always an incredible sight to witness these beautiful owls making landfall.

The sea was fairly quite, various auks heading north and south - as well as landing on the sea to feed/rest. Several Red-throated Diver - all flying south, lots of Shag, Great black-backed Gulls and Gannets. A couple of Great Skuas flew south close by, with 3 distant Pomarine Skuas - also moving south. Several Sooty Shearwaters had been recorded before I got there.

Several flocks of Common Scoter and Mallard headed south, with the odd Teal in amongst them. A small flock of Common Scoter was noted on the sea right in front of the cliffs, on inspection of these it was evident that they included 2 Velvet Scoters which gave excellent views as they fed at close range.

Passerines were fairly thin on the ground - though not specifically looked for, but did include Blackcap (male and female), Meadow and Rock Pipits and Brambling around the car park area.

Lincolnshire calls tomorrow...

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