Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Geese and Harriers

An early start to get to my site for sunrise was hard work after staying up late to watch the Natural World documentary on Iraq - very interesting programme I thought - Basra Reed Warbler, Iraq Babbler, Marbled Duck and tons of other birds. It was mind-boggling to try and come to terms with the size of the Marsh they were talking about! A marsh the size of Wales!

Image © 2009.

Back to today and another day back in North Lincolnshire hoping for more than the last few days down there and it wasn't to disappoint with the clear highlight being a single Bean Goose that flew across my site looking rather confused, landed then proceeded to feed/roost up for a couple of hours before flying off to the north when spooked by a low flying plane.

A ring-tail Hen Harrier flew through around lunch time which was a good site bird. A flock of 40 Yellowhammer was nice, as was the 40+ Whooper Swans I found on my way home.

I'm in the office catching up with paperwork for a few days but hope to get out and do some local birding over the weekend if the weather is OK.

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