Friday, 4 February 2011

Final Ringing Information as Part of World Wetland Day - Lower Derwent Valley

Here’s some more of the data provided for the Lower Derwent Valley (LDV) event as part of World Wetland Day on Wednesday and this follows on from yesterday (and see also the posts below, here and here).

There have been approximately 140 international movements involving birds ringed, recovered and re-sighted in the Lower Derwent Valley. I’ve put some more of the interesting records below.

Russia (former USSR): A Wigeon duckling ringed at Kandalaksha Murmanski, USSR on 17th July 1971 was found dead in the LDV NNR on the 1st January 1974. Another Wigeon, ringed as a first-winter male on 9th April 2003 was present on 1st May 2003 on the River Istok, Ketovo, Kurgan, USSR, this represents a distance travelled of 4268 km in less than 3 weeks.

Eurasian Wigeon © Adrian George 2011

Russia and Germany: A Bewick’s Swan ringed as an adult female on 10th August 1992 at Kashin Island, Korovinskaya, Russia was seen on three dates in Germany on 6th December 1992, 3rd April 1993 and 16th January 1994 before being seen in the LDV NNR over the winter of 1996/97.

Czech Republic: A Fieldfare ringed on 14th March 1996 at Thorganby, LDV NNR was re-caught on 30th November 1997 at Biskupice u Luhacovic in the Czech Republic. This record represents the first British ringed Fieldfare to be found in the Czech Republic.

Estonia and The Netherlands: An adult Bewick’s Swan was ringed on the 4th of December 1991 at Martin Mere, Lancashire and was present at that site until at least January 1992. It was later observed in the Netherlands during October and November 1992 and January 1993, then in April that year it was seen in Estonia before returning to The Netherlands in November 1993 and November 1994 and January 1995. It was then seen in February 1996 within the LDV NNR.

Belgium: A first-winter female Goldfinch ringed on 14th May 1996 at Koksijde, West-Vlaanderen was found dead on the 23rd July 1996 at East Cottingwith within the LDV NNR. This is an interesting record because it is only the third Goldfinch ringed in Belgium to be found in Britain, although 81 Goldfinch ringed in Britain have been found in Belgium!

Spain: A Sand Martin, ringed on 28th July 2005 at Los Albardales, San Martin de la Vega was re-caught almost two years later on 18th June 2007 in the LDV.

Svalbard: A male and a juvenile Barnacle Goose ringed on 10th August 1990 at Oiekukla, bohemanflya and seen in October and December 1990 at Caerlaverock, Scotland were also seen in the LDV NNR in January 1991!

Germany: A Shelduck ringed on 27th February 2004 in the LDV NNR was seen on 18th September 2004 at Trischen, Germany, a distance of over 600 km.

Common Shelduck © Dick Daniels 2010

I'm looking forward to spending the majority of tomorrow within the LDV, i'm not sure of my exact approach for tomorrow as yet due to the wind and rain predicted but I may try and hit North Duffield and Thorganby in the morning and then head up to Wheldrake for the afternoon - assuming the hides are still standing in this weather!

Don't forget the events at Wheldrake Ings as part of World Wetland Day and the Ramsar 40th Anniversary celebrations. Details here.

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