Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A blustery day!

Spent the day down in Lincolnshire again today. Gone was the sunshine and relative warmth of yesterday and back was the cold, wind and rain. At times the sleet/hail was unbearable and I had to crouch and shelter to keep it out! It was no real surprise that there was not too much activity. A few Curlew were new in at the site and the Lapwing and Skylark were busily displaying. A really smart Green Woodpecker appeared in the hedge in front of me which was probably the highlight of the wet walkabout.

Green Woody © Andrei Stroe

Due to the wind forecast tomorrow I've had to cancel my planned Peregrine watch which is a shame (although it wouldn't be much fun in 50+ mph gales!) so I'm off into the office for some more report writing.

Looking forward to the weekend, a trip down to Norfolk for a stag do, unfortunately there has been no news recently regarding the Northern Harrier, but I'm sure we'll be able to bump into something good.


  1. great shot of the Green woodpecker, they are on my list of birds to shoot this year

  2. Thanks Colin, good luck, they are such smart birds!