Monday, 21 March 2011

Common Crane Records in the LDV (& Roughleg Mega)

The 3 Common Cranes were still present early this morning (per Alan) but were observed flying off Southeast at about 09.30 (per York Birding). Today I received a couple of pictures of the displaying Cranes taken by John Beaumont. A lot better than what I managed off my phone! Thanks John.

Common Crane © John Beaumont 2011

Common Crane © John Beaumont 2011

Common Crane © John Beaumont 2011

I had a quick look at Ralston (2006) Birds of the Lower Derwent Valley (1850-2002) to check on the status of Common Crane here... The records include:

  1. 24th April 1977 Wheldrake Ings (1 immature)
  2. 19th April 1983 Ellerton (1 immature)
  3. 18th May 1984 Wheldrake Ings (1 sub-adult)
  4. 3rd - 5th (7th) May 1986 Aughton Ings (2 adults and an immature). Also seen at Bubwith.
  5. 14th May - 5th June 1986 Aughton Ings (1 immature - same bird as above)
  6. 1993 (details unknown)
  7. 25th May 1996 Wheldrake Ings (sub-adult)
  8. 21st June - 4th July 1996 Newton Mask - Low Catton Ings (sub adult - same bird as above)
  9. 11th July 1996 Wheldrake Ings (sub-adult flew south - likely same bird as above)
  10. 11th - 12th May 1998 Wheldrake Ings (1 bird)
  11. 28th March 1999 Pocklington Canal (1 bird)
  12. 5th June - 1st November 2002 Wheldrake Ings (1 immature)

Additional records from Birdguides include:

  1. 27th November 2000 Wheldrake Ings (1 bird)
  2. 30th April - 1st May 2007 Wheldrake Ings (2 birds)
  3. 17th April 2008 Wheldrake Ings (1 bird)
  4. 25th April 2008 Wheldrake Ings (1 bird)
  5. 2nd June 2009 Wheldrake Ings (1 bird)
  6. 14th April 2010 Wheldrake Ings (4 birds)

According to these published records (I don't know if all of those on the Birdguides list have been accepted?) this makes the latest record the 19th Common Crane record for the LDV and the first for North Duffield Carrs and second record for Bubwith Ings.

As exciting as the Cranes and Shrike have been over the recent days a real local mega flew through the valley this morning - I didn't see it unfortunately as I was at work. A Rough-legged Buzzard, the 5th record for the LDV (after records in 1974, 1984, 1985, 2002). Hopefully with the large numbers of Roughlegs over-wintering this year there may be another one!!!