Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Bee-eaters Todmorden West Yorkshire!?! UPDATE

News filtering out late this evening of 4 Bee-eaters reported at 6.30pm and apparently suppressed in the Todmorden area of West Yorkshire yesterday (Monday 11th April 2011).

I don't know the details of this sighting as yet but I hope they get relocated! I'll certainly have my eyes and ears peeled tomorrow!

There may be a reason other than blatant suppression that news of the bird did not make it out. For example they might have been found by lucky 'non-birders' etc... Will wait and see... Would be a good one for the garden list!

European Bee-eaters © Rashuli 2007

Information from Birdforum Yorkshire Thread and Heavybirder blog. Any further information would be great!

New News reported this afternoon from James Hunter on Birdforum who directed me to a blog (Calderdale Birds)with the following information from AndyC: I have spoked vis email to the finder of the bee eaters and he did not want any twitchers seeing the birds and did not put the news out because of this...

This seems a tad selfish and a bit of shame assuming there are no sensitive species in the area that twitchers could have disturbed?

2 Bee-eaters seen at Spurn this morning. Maybe Todmorden was enough to put them off the UK. After driving through there last week it wouldn't be a surprise.


  1. I have never seen anything like these. They are wonderful!

  2. Hi Tammy Bee-eaters are spectacular!

  3. I found your blog from a Google search as I was trying to see if these Bee Eaters had been reported anywhere else before Todmorden. Not that I'm sceptical but I haven't seen any other reports.

    I'm a birder from Todmorden and would have loved a chance to see these birds, but alas it was not reported until they had left the area.

    I'm not too keen on your comments about Todmorden though - tongue in cheek or not. All towns are going through a tough time and Tod has perhaps been hit harder than most.

  4. Hi Jeff. A shame you (or anyone else for that matter) didn't get to see the birds