Thursday, 21 April 2011

Frustrations of a Blue-winged Teal!

I didn't make it out today due to a mountain of reports to write but news from those out searching for the Blue-winged Teal at Wheldrake this afternoon/evening was negative with no further sightings after the original sighting this morning. I'll hopefully get out tomorrow to have a look for it, though not holding out much hope, seems very elusive!!!!

There was no sign of either the Osprey or Black Tern today by all accounts.

Found an interesting new woodland this evening that appeared full of potential for some good birds, was packed full of warblers.

UPDATE: Someone on Birdforum has reported on the Yorkshire thread that they had the Blue-winged Teal at 15.30. Directions aren't totally clear to me so I will provide better information later.

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