Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Lots of Kites

The day didn't get off to a good start. Whilst out walking the dogs I had a Green Woodpecker fly out of a small copse, this was about 400m from my house. I then had the pleasure/pain of watching it fly straight towards the village - not just any part of the village but my street! From my angle it appeared to go straight over my house! I'm certain that if I was looking from the house/garden I would have had it! Talk about frustrating! Nevermind! I've also had Great Spotted Woodpecker do the same thing and that has eluded me thus far from the garden/house.

A bonus during my dog walk was that the single Common Whitethroat had multiplied into two birds. Blackcaps appeared to be on the up too. The Golden Plover flock remains present but still no sign of any Dotterels - yet!

Surveying today was for raptors - the weather wasn't great but the day produced getting on for a dozen Red Kites, some showing incredibly well as they scavenged along the roads. We watched one bird foraging around a farm where it dropped down and picked up a sheeps afterbirth, it then flew up into a tree and ate it!

A trip to check on the horse produced some outstanding views of a male Yellow Wagtail (I used the horse as a portable bird hide) and a decent number of Swallows had arrived since I last went down.

Looking forward to the weekend, hopefully the weather will improve again and some more migrants will arrive in the LDV. I'd take Purple Heron or Bee-eater please!

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