Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Ice Cold!

Today I had the joy of standing on the spot for 5 hours on the very cold east coast, in a very cold east wind! It was hard going, very hard going!

A Peregrine kept my spirits up for an hour or so in the morning as it hunted for anything that moved. Site highlight was a family of 6 Whooper Swans that showed really well to close range but after that it was onto Geese, Lapwings and Golden Plover with the odd Egret, Heron and Cormorant to keep the interest going. The flask of tea just about kept me alive!

The real highlight of the day however came on our journey back home. A flock of gulls was seen on a roof of a building. We stopped, got the bins out and in no time at all we were looking at a 1st winter Iceland Gull! Great stuff!! Got the scopes out and got a few record shots on my phone - below. Motto - If you see gulls stop and check them this year!


  1. Reckon this could be the same bird?


  2. Nice spot Tim - yeah I think this is likely the same bird - did have a hint of dark in the wings as indicated by Graham too. Must be shed loads of Icelands about!

  3. Cool...love Iceland Gulls...what the heck is it standing on?

  4. Great sighting. I hope you're thawed out by now.


  5. Just about thawed out now - spending today in the office!

    Mike, it's stood on a corrugated roof made of some form of metal I think

    Will check back next time I go past there!