Friday, 17 February 2012

7 Barn Owls!!!

This morning I had at least 2 local Barn Owls during my dog walk, ranging much more widely over the last couple of days. Again vocal Great Spotted Woodpecker, Skylark, Yellowhammer and first singing Song Thrush of the year (2 very vocal males), Dunnock, Robin and Chaffinch all in full song too.

I was in the office today - not day-dreaming about Yellowthroats in Gwent, honest!

Had my head down most of the day so didn't really notice anything major over the city, a Sparrowhawk was up displaying at lunch time.

The drive home was moderately exciting with a Woodcock flying along one of my roads home at dusk, followed a short while later by another Barn Owl out hunting, this time along a roadside verge.

This brings me nicely on to my blog post title: 7 Barn Owls.... This week I have seen at least 7 birds (Barn Owls!), 2 at a secret location and at least 5 in the LDV within a few mils of my house! Not a bad average! Along with 3 Short-eared Owls, 1 Little Owl and 5/6 Tawny Owls its made for an enjoyable week! The large number of Woodcock and the Jack Snipe were cool too!

Hopefully will get out somewhere this weekend, a mad dash to South Wales anyone???

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