Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Work Sucks!

What a rubbish day! The last two days I've been up in Glasgow which was good fun - well the 1st class train rides were!

Today I was out surveying and it was total rubbish! I'm fed up of watching Short-eared Owls, had another 2 showy birds today (new for the site), I hate it when they give such awesome views! Merlin too, big female one putting the fear of god into hundreds of smaller birds before sitting on a wall for a while (another site first). A flock of 5, and another pair of Goosander were equally rubbish (another site first). I tried to avoid looking at the 1000+ Golden Plover, 100+ Curlew and 50+ Lapwing. Calling Crossbill and Siskin were totally ignored too. Work sucks doesn't it!

Lost count of how many Short-eared Owls I've seen this winter, will work it out a bit later....