Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Two Med Gulls on My Patch

Had a quick look down at North Duffield Carrs this morning for an hour or so before heading down to Lincolnshire for a days surveying.

There was no sign of the Sanderling that was present yesterday morning with a small Dunlin flock (another one I missed!) however there was lots of Gulls present. I started scanning through them all and fairly quickly I found a first-summer Mediterranean Gull sat on a partially submerged fencepost. I was fairly happy with finding this bird. I had an adult Med Gull fly through last week which was great but a bit frustrating as it didn't hang around, so it was nice to get good views of this bird.

After a while it flew over to Bubwith to feed on the flood there and a short while later a Heron flew through and all the gulls got up and moved about. Landing on a fencepost I got onto the Mediterranean Gull again, only on closer inspection it was apparent that this was a different first-summer bird. This was confirmed by Russ who was still watching the Bubwith bird at the same time as I was watching this second bird!

The two birds were subtly different, with the first one seeming to have more black on the head. My Blackberry doesn't like photographing white birds and the heat haze was making focussing difficult, but you can just about make out that the birds are different!

Mediterranean Gull: Bird 1 (phone-scoped) 

Mediterranean Gull: Bird 1 wing flap (phone-scoped) 

Mediterranean Gull: Bird 2 (phone-scoped)

My survey was fairly non-eventful save a cream-crowned Marsh Harrier that showed well for a bit. Also got a really nice view of a Hare that walked right up to me! Have a picture on my phone but having difficulty getting it off! Will put it on later when I can!

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