Thursday, 21 June 2012

Harriers & Jars

Had a good couple of days with work this week which has involved some incredible observations of breeding Marsh Harrier (under licence) and finished off last night with a pair of displaying Nightjar.

The Marsh Harrier day was great, beautiful weather meant slogging about through the countryside was more enjoyable than if it had of been throwing it down like has been usual this 'summer'! I'll admit to being slightly surprised by the density of breeding Marsh Harriers we found in the area we were checking. Whilst at the site we also has Hobby, 3 Cuckoo (2 together and another several KM away) and a single Turtle Dove amongst the more regular Yellow Wagtail, Reed Warbler, Sedge Warbler etc...

Yesterday evening we checked out a site where we'd had Nightjar last year (before the imminent weekly deluge) and in no time at all we'd re-found the pair, the male was busy churring away and then as if by magic the female appeared right over my shoulder, had a look at us and then flew over to the male where he started wing-clapping etc. We were lucky to have great views of this pair. Other than these birds the area was surprisingly quiet just a pair of Woodcock roding over us a couple of times. Can't complain with what we had though.

This morning a pair of Bullfinch in the garden was a good record and yesterday a Hobby hunting hirundines over the garden was enjoyable to watch as I was having my lunch.

Male Bullfinch (photo Richard Hampshire)

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