Friday, 15 June 2012

Summer is OVER. Its official.

Cuckoos are awesome birds and the BTO project last year satellite tracking them on their migration to Africa and back was great to watch and very interesting too. This year even more birds have been fitted with transmitters with several birds ringed in England, Scotland and Wales. Already birds are on the move - not surprising given the rank weather so far this summer.

Several of the Scottish birds have moved south, several of the Welsh birds have moved eastwards across to East Anglia and some of the English birds have moved locally, however one of them "Chris" has already had enough of our "summer" and has moved east to the Belgium Netherlands border, presumably already commencing his return journey to Africa. Wish I was heading that way too!

"Chris" the Cuckoo

You can keep track of the various Cuckoo's movements here: 

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