Sunday, 30 September 2012

Harriers still putting on a show at NDC

My day was taken up by catching up with the work I'd dropped for the easterly winds last week in order to ensure I don't miss any of my looming reporting deadlines!  Luckily I was entertained by two cracking T20 World Cup cricket matches in South Africa vs Australia, followed by India vs Pakistan - wish I was in Sri Lanka please! Awesome cricket and even more awesome birding!

Last night I had planned on spending the day looking round the local area to look for Yellow-browed Warblers and Little Buntings, but the reality of a cold and overcast morning torpedoed that idea and I stayed in bed!

I did get a text message from Zing tonight (thanks) informing me that a similar number of Marsh Harriers were again present at North Duffield Carrs, with 8 seen in the air together at one stage which is really cool!

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