Friday, 16 November 2012

Bittern Gives Itself up at North Duffield

This morning the Bittern that was found last night at North Duffield Carrs gave itself up at first light for (a very excited) Tim who very kindly phoned me to let me know about it. I shot over to the hide before heading off to work and enjoyed 15 minutes watching it stood out in the open feeding!

It continued to show well during the day on three or four occasions I believe and was successfully twitched by a number of locals by the sound of it. I've seen some cracking pictures of it and will hope to get some decent ones myself tomorrow, though for now all I have is a couple of record shots from the murk of this morning taken at 3200ISO, 2.8f to manage 1/100! So not the best but I was worried the bird might vanish and Tim might lose his camera between the hide and the car so better to be safe than sorry!

Check out Tims awesome video of the bird here!

Bittern at North Duffield

Bittern at North Duffield

Congratulations to Tim on breaking the York Area Year List Record!

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