Saturday, 24 November 2012

Bittern Update: North Duffield

No sign of the Bittern today (and possibly yesterday too by the sound of it). I didn't spend too long down there today and I didn't see it, and don't think anyone else down there earlier or later than me did either.

The visibility was appalling this morning with thick fog and the water levels, as expected, have risen quite a lot. Many of the areas that the Bittern would forage out in the open last week are now under substantial amounts of water.

There was plenty of waterfowl about, with an increase in Pintail and Tufted Duck noted. Despite the high water levels there was quite a number of Lapwing trying to find somewhere dry to sit. There was also Golden Plover, Ruff and Dunlin noted. I didn't bother trying to count anything as the birds were very flighty, a combination of dogs, wildfowlers/farmers, sparrowhawk and Peregrine. A couple of Barn Owl were seen, one right at the back of the reserve and one right by the hide just after I'd put my camera away!

There's plenty of areas for the Bittern to feed now but viewing it may be more difficult that it was last week. May take a look tomorrow if the conditions are better...

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