Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Flood...

The morning dog walk was a bit quieter than normal, then I noticed a 'Road Closed' sign. The flood from the River Derwent had cross the road between Bubwith and North Duffield and blocked it off. Cool!! A bit of peace and quite!

The dog walk was fairly interesting, lots of Wood Pigeon heading south in flocks of 80-100 a time, lots of Redwing bursting out of the maize stubble field and the hedgerows, with the usual Blackbirds and Fieldfares in tow.  The usual finches were well represented again. I've been keeping an eye on a Chaffinch flock that's now about 40 strong. In with these today was almost a dozen Brambling, showing nicely. May try and get some pics at the weekend if they hang around.

At lunch time I drove round the 'Road Closed' sign to see what lay the other side. It was quite impressive! The first picture below shows the typical view from Geoff Smith Hide, and the second picture shows today's view. I've highlighted the same features in each picture to provide approximate reference points: 1) Hawthorn Bush, 2) Hawthorn Bush, 3) Aughton Church, 4) Distant Trees, 5) Bitterns favoured feeding area - now about 8+ feet underwater.... The third picture shows my view and the fourth shows Garganey Hide, well the roof of it as that's all that's on show at the moment!

North Duffield Dry-look

North Duffield Wet-look

My view!

Garganey Hide - Honestly!

There wasn't a huge amount on show in the 20 minutes I was down there, highlights were 2 (new) drake Goldeneye and a Marsh Harrier - record shots below. Still quite a lot of birds about, but mainly along the edges, or distant - was a bit like sea-watching today! Will see what's about over the weekend when I have some time to look for something a bit more exciting like a Smew, Scoter, Diver, Shopping Trolley etc...

'Pair' of Goldeneye

Marsh Harrier trying to find somewhere dry to land!

Marsh Harrier giving up trying to find somewhere dry to land!


  1. Hi Andy,

    Called in this morning road still closed. Water levels are still up and righ up to the edge of the GS hide. Plenty of wigeon, teal, lapwing, mallard & 8 gadwall. Some nice close views of winter ducks! Also had the female scaup but no goldeneye. Hige flocks of starling & fieldfare kept feeding & bathing in the mud just to the left of the hide, the bushes were teeming with them when I arrived.
    Garganey hide still totally submerged!

    Where did you see the brambling, im still after these?

  2. Hi Andy, should hopefully get down there again myself over the weekend. The Brambling was on the lane going south out of the village, was no sign of any finches this am, but I'll have a look to see if they are there tomorrow and let you know.