Friday, 9 November 2012

Waxwing in York: Continued Professional Development.

Finally got in on the Waxwing influx today...

I had a flock of between 15 and 17 birds at the Grimston Bar Park and Ride this morning before they flew off towards B&Q. This was a great opportunity for some Continued Professional Development (CPD) and a great excuse for being late in the office! 'Sorry I'm late I needed to refresh my memory for Waxwing in case we get them on a site!'

There was also several other groups seen in York today, c40 birds near the station and a whopping 130 in the centre of York (St Georges Field area) found by Chris.  I'm hoping to connect with some more over the weekend when I've got my camera rather than my laptop! So check back to see if I get any photos!


  1. Andy. You're fired. That's no excuse for being late. Take your job seriously. Ruddy twitchers.

    P.S. Could you send some Waxwings to Old Alresford, Hampshire please.

  2. Haha! they can't be that far away from you now!!