Thursday, 27 December 2012

Meanwhile, back at North Duffield

Came back from the Midlands this afternoon and headed down to North Duffield Carrs to see what the water levels were like. Surprise surprise, they were up again! Garganey Hide pretty much totally submerged again!

I had a good count of Pochard, possibly one of my highest counts here and a few other species of wildfowl like Pintail etc. The following were fairly close but there was lots of wildfowl further away that I couldn't count properly.

Pochard x54
Teal x357
Wigeon x170
Pintail x4
Gadwall x6
Mallard x26
Mute Swan x9
Canada Goose x34
Greylag Goose x221


  1. I must say your numbers are very high, I wish we had as many...that amount of teal is very exciting. Our numbers are lower this year of almost everything. cheers

    1. Thanks, this will be a tiny proportion of the Teal in the Lower Derwent Valley at the moment but they are spread over a larger area due to the massive floods so much harder to get decent counts! Nice to see though!