Friday, 28 December 2012

Thorganby Birding LDV

Fancied a change of scenery today so headed over to Thorganby (West Cottingwith Ings) to see if there was anything of interest visible from the Viewing Platform, generally there wasn't but it was still enjoyable in the near-darkness of mid-afternoon and cold cutting wind (no it wasn't!). Was good to catch up with Nige again after briefly catching up at the Buff-bellied Pipit twitch last Sunday - check out his blog here for some local sightings and great photography: Clifton Birding.

I was hoping to view the Whooper and Bewick's Swans from the Thorganby Viewing Platform, but unfortunately they were hidden from this location with only a few birds (not identifiable to species) observed distantly.

I did manage 5 Goldeneye (3 male, 2 female), 7 Shelduck, and 55 Tufted Duck, none of which I'd had at North Duffield Carrs yesterday (and Nige told me of several Goosander at Bank Island). The floods have covered all but the tops of the river/flood banks here and these were at a premium for Wigeon, Teal and Lapwing today with many hundreds of these three species present all squeezing onto somewhere dry.  There was also at least 36 Dunlin observed here.

Something unseen (Peregrine?) went down the eastern side of the Lower Derwent Valley and put up tonnes of Lapwing c500+, there was over 30 Ruff in with these too and several hundred Fieldfare, Redwing and Starling.  Otherwise it was the standard Mallard, Gadwall, Mute Swan etc, didn't see any Shoveler, Pintail or Pochard today, or any Greylag or Canada Geese...

The dog walk this am was the first time I've been back on patch for almost a week and it was notable how few birds were present. Still lots of Chaffinch and Greenfinch so presumably the Brambling are still about too, but the majority of Thrushes seem to have cleared out. Just a couple of Blackbird and Mistle Thrush noted.

Sorry for lack of pictures, too dark etc! Maybe tomorrow....


  1. second your comments on lack of birds,predicting nature hey!!!

    loved the pipit stuff cracking.

    1. Thanks Zing! Yeah that Pipit was pretty confiding!