Thursday, 31 January 2013

Nice Raptor Watching: NDC

Popped over to North Duffield this lunch time, had a couple of Peregrine and a Merlin which was nice. The river was pouring over the flood defences (again) and the Carrs were rapidly filling up with water. I bet by tomorrow we'll be back to where we were in November when if first came over properly this winter. Fairly disappointing in a way as it had finally dropped to a level where it was looking good! Nevermind, I guess it gives us a shot for divers/smew etc!

Bad news today was that a birders car was broken into at North Duffield this afternoon whilst they were in the hide so please be vigilant(e). It was highly likely that the person/people breaking into the car were in a small white/cream car so please be on the lookout.

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