Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Glonk in York

Had a really enjoyable dawn survey this morning which resulted in pretty much no birds, though a strong wind and general cold air gave for a windchill of about -12! Such fun!

On the way home I thought I'd at least get some reward for my early start with a trip to the York Area Gull Mecca - AKA Rufforth Tip. Only once reaching there the wind, and cold air also included snow which resulted in poor visibility.  I sat it out in the car for a bit to see if it would improve but no joy.  

Several observers had seen three 1st winter Glaucous Gulls and two Iceland Gulls (2nd winter and near-adult) this morning but it wasn't looking good - until a single 1st winter Glaucous Gull flew low over the car on its way back to the tip. A stroke of good luck! With that I called it a day and went home to sit by the radiator!