Thursday, 22 August 2013

A late Cuckoo

Had an hour on Skipwith Common this evening, there was a more autumnal feel with a large flock of Greylag and the air full of the sound of Teal.

A few Green Woodpeckers were calling and a Jay flew through. Tonnes of Swallow and House Martin were flying about. However, the highlight was this juvenile Cuckoo that showed nicely, if straight into the sun by the time I thought about getting a record shot on my phone.

Cuckoo - phone-scoped straight into the sun!

There has been a large gathering of House Martin over the garden/village over the last couple of days as adults and fledglings all swarm about getting ready to depart. "My" two pairs are both on their second broods - as are several other pairs in the street but there are at least 120 flying about (and also 50+ Swallow - probably attracted to the maize fields around the village to roost in). This number of birds has attracted the attention of the local Sparrowhawk, and more spectacularly the attention of the local Hobby! Great fun to watch, I just hope "my" families survive! Also had 1 Swift over the garden this afternoon.

The Great White Egret is still showing at Wheldrake Ings - best early in the morning.


  1. Nice one Andy, glad there has been success on the common! Heard 3 cuckoos this year but still yet to see one! I'll have to keep a look out for this hobby, i've had the sprawk in my garden but not seen for a while.

    We have a woodpigeon nesting in the front garden, looks like at least 1 chick has hatched after about 3-4 weeks!

  2. Great that there was a juv alive and well! I found a dead juv a few weeks ago. Very sad indeed!