Monday, 19 December 2016

New Caledonian Endemic Birds

Here are a few of the endemic birds I saw whilst in New Caledonia with Birding Ecotours. For the Kagu check out my previous post below.

My trip report can be found here: just follow the New Caledonia links.

Cloven-feathered Dove - one of the most spectacular birds I've ever seen! 

Cloven-feathered Dove - worth going there just to see this bird!

Barred Honeyeater - fairly common

Goliath Pigeon - one of the largest pigeons in the world - this one is HUGE!

Green-backed White-eye - a common endemic, rather smart for a white-eye

Horned Parakeet - spectacular but this picture really doesn't do it justice - google it to see its 'horn'

Lifou White-eye - common endemic on a small island off Grande Terre (the main island of New Cal)

New Caledonian Crow - the tool-using crow. Cool to see it with tool too!

New Caledonian Cuckooshrike - fairly common

New Caledonian Friarbird - very common and vocal and quite nice-looking for a Friarbird

New Caledonian Myzomela - simply stunning!

New Caledonian Whistler - gorgeous

Red-throated Parrotfinch - very smart but a bit too shy for the camera

Striated Starling - distant!

White-bellied Goshawk - had several great looks at these, including a displaying bird at length

Yellow-bellied Flyrobin - very friendly little birds

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