Saturday, 27 June 2009

Barn Owl/Nightjar Surveying

I've been conducting some really interesting Barn Owl and Nightjar surveys at various locations in the UK this year, the Nightjar surveys were very interesting and were great fun getting to play around with a 35K thermal imaging camera and several Ks worth of image intensifying cameras.

A set of Barn Owl surveys in Beverley were particularly interesting providing some really good results and a hunting Hobby at just gone 4.30 in the am was a nice surprise! Not as nice as the lady police officer that pulled me at 3 in the am wondering what i was doing wandering round country lanes at that time in the morning!!! Got your number!!


  1. Dear Andy,

    This is an old blog-post of you, but still very interesting for me. I am a Belgian Ornithologist and PhD-student at Hasselt University. I would like to get some information about the thermal camera you used. Is it possible to get you contact information?

    Best regards Ruben

    1. Hi Ruben - if you drop me an email on andywalker 1000 at hotmail dot com subject nightvision I'll see if I can find the details of what we were using.