Friday, 5 August 2016

New Zealand!

As I've mentioned in the last couple of blogs, I'm going to be visiting New Zealand in some downtime between my Pacific Tour and Australia Tour. I'll only have one week unfortunately so I'll only be able to scratch the surface of things over there and I think I'll have to stick to North Island - which means I'll miss the Kaikoura Albatross spectacular - so may have to save that until the next time! But it is quite a draw, so I may end up taking a quick trip down there if possible....

Currently I'm looking at a couple of days at Tiritiri Matangi Island to try and see some of the exciting endemic birds that still persist there such as Little Spotted Kiwi, Bellbird, Brown Teal, Grey Warbler, Takahe, Red-crowned Parakeet, Whitehead, North Island Robin, Stichbird, North Island Kokako, North Island Saddleback, Fernbird, Kaka, North Island Tomtit, Rifleman, New Zealand Pigeon, Paradise Shelduck, and Tui. Some of those names just conjure up all sorts of thoughts of very cool birds!

I'm also signed up to a Pelagic within the Hauraki Gulf for a day trip with Wrybill Tours so fingers crossed I get better luck than the last two Pelagics I've tried to get on in Australia! Wonder if I'll bump into a New Zealand Storm-Petrel...?

I've still got three full days time to plan in so am working out what best to do and try to see.... want to see as many of the North Island endemics as possible in the short time I have but would like to try get some photos of them too so watch this space... need to look for some of the endemic shorebirds too!

Would be quite cool to see a Kiwi... hopefully an alive one...

Little Spotted Kiwi