Saturday, 1 May 2010

Local Patch

Had a dawn (ish) blast round the local patch this morning with not a huge amount new recorded. I got to watch and listen to a pair of Lesser Whitethroat performing a courtship display which was enjoyable in the early morning sun. The patch seemed to be crawling with Blackcap and Common Whitethroat with plenty of Chiffchaff still singing away. I think I only had the one Willow Warbler this morning still singing around Patch Pond. The Starlings and House Sparrows that breed on the housing estate are busily chasing insects about to feed to their young. I spent quite a while watching the House Sparrows fly-catching, quite successfully. I wasn't the only one watching them as all of a sudden a really smart male Sparrowhawk came shooting through for them, luckily for the Sparrows they all got away in time! The two families of ducklings were still surviving. I also noted a large terrapin in the pond, basking in the early morning sun - would this take out ducklings? Several pairs of Bullfinch were found, the patch is brilliant for this stunning, yet declining often difficult to see species, a pair of Goldfinch were also displaying. The Skylark was still singing away, as were the Song Thrush, Robin, Wren, Dunnock etc. Unfortunately the weather closed in and it then rained for a lot of the day. Disappointingly there were no hirundines or swifts seen, which was surprising.

A trip to check on the horse over in Minskip, near Boroughbridge resulted in several Tree Sparrow been seen. Barn Swallow had obviously arrived back on their breeding sites there since our last visit with 4 birds noted, these birds were already nest building too! A flock of 4 House Martin flew north, later several birds were found collecting mud for their nests in a nearby village. A Sparrowhawk was noted soring over, with Buzzard calling from high up in the sky somewhere and a single Swift flew northeast.

This might well be the last update for a white, dependent on Canary Island Internet capability! I may go out on the local patch tomorrow if I get time, otherwise it will be on my return, hopefully after seeing some half decent birds!

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  1. I certainly think that terrapins would take ducklings, back in london there are a few Moorhens and coots with half their legs missing and this has been blamed on the terrapins. Have a good time in the canaries.