Sunday, 3 October 2010

A few more Rustic Bunting photos (and a Redstart)

I had a look through the previous East Yorkshire Rustic Bunting records. Since Rustic Bunting isn't rare enough to appear in Rare Birds, Where and When (R Slack 2009) I trawled through Birdguides information to find the following:
  • 2009 Spurn, trapped 18th September
  • 2008 Spurn, male 8th June
  • 2007 Spurn, male 28th May
  • 2005 Spurn, 15th to 18th October
  • 2005 Bempton Cliffs, 15th to 17th October
  • 2000 Spurn, male, 4th to 5th April
  • 1998 Flamborough Head, 3rd to 5th October
  • 1998 Sammy's Point, Easington, 3rd October
  • 1998 Spurn, two, 25th to 29th September, one to 30th September
  • 1998 Flamborough Head, 30th May
  • 1996 Kilnsea, age/sex uncertain, 22nd to 23rd September
  • 1996 Flamborough Head, age/sex uncertain, 21st September
  • 1996 Tophill Low Reservoir, male, 22nd April
  • 1995 Flamborough Head, female, 22nd April

  • 1993 Beacon Lane Ponds, Kilnsea, male, 11th May
  • 1992 Spurn, 27th to 29th September
  • 1991 Easington, 29th October to 3rd November
  • 1987 Flamborough Head, male, 24th May
  • 1987 Flamborough Head, female, 23rd May
  • 1987 Flamborough Head, female, 20th May
  • 1985 Spurn, female, 12th to 15th May, trapped 13th May
  • 1982 Spurn, 20th to 22nd October
  • 1978 Flamborough Head, adult male, 4th June
  • 1978 Flamborough Head, first-summer male, 21st to 23rd May, trapped 22nd May
  • 1881 Easington, immature female, trapped, 17th September, now at Yorkshire Museum, York

Of the above records the 1998 and 1987 records interest me because they imply multi-bird arrivals.

Below are a few more bunting pictures off my phone, they are not the greatest but they show the bird in a few different poses/angles. I've also included one of the smart male Redstart (although the picture really doesn't do it any justice).

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