Tuesday, 2 November 2010


I just wanted to let everyone know that there are two places left on Glenn Bartley's Costa Rica photography workshop for March-April next year. Glenn is certainly one of the best bird/nature photographers in the world and I had the pleasure of meeting up with him in Costa Rica, one of the best destinations in the world for bird/wildlife watching.

As my previous post alluded to, Costa Rica has a range of highly sought after and spectacular species, with the likes of Scarlet Macaw, Resplendent Quetzal, Snowcap, Montezuma Oropendola, Sunbittern and a range of colourful species from the Toucan, Hummingbird, Trogon, Flycatcher and Tanager families high on many peoples hit list. Furthermore the country boasts a myriad of attractive plants, mammals, butterflies and moths.

The following opportunities will be presented during this tour:

Multi-flash Hummingbird Photography: Learn techniques to use 4-6 flashes to achieve otherwise impossible flight photographs of these flying jewels. What makes this workshop special is that Glenn will be sharing his techniques for taking multi-flash images that actually look natural (unlike most others out there).

Using flash effectively as a source of fill light: Because tropical regions are often cloudy - it is extremely important to learn how to use flash - either as fill or as a main source of light. Participants will also learn how to do set-ups for birds using more than one flash. These skills can easily be taken home and applied in your very own garden!

Attracting birds to a perch setup: Participants will learn strategies to attract birds to a given perch and how to achieve images that have attractive light, an outstanding perch and a smooth background.

Strategies for successful tropical photography: Glenn has spent over a year and a half photographing wildlife in the tropics. Throughout the workshop he will share tips and tricks that he has learned along the way.

Macro photography of tropical insects and frogs: At each of our locations there will also be opportunities to find and photograph an amazing diversity of colourful frogs, butterflies and insects.

Spectacular landscape photography: The rainforests of Costa Rica are spectacular places and the opportunities for landscape photography are superb.

Digital Workshops: There will be image review sessions. In these post processing workshops participants will have ample opportunities to improve skills in Adobe Photoshop. Guided by Glenn, participants can learn how to take their images from straight out-of-the-camera RAW images to stunning final works of art (ready for printing or websites).

Full details of this tour can be found here on Glenn's website.

All images above are © Glenn Bartley


  1. Simply gorgeous images! A trip and workshop such as you've described would be a dream come true. Unfortunately, it will have to remain a dream for me.