Monday, 15 November 2010

Waxwing - Finally in on the act....

I've been watching and waiting for Waxwing for the last 3 weeks after my friend Rich reported thousands flying from Norway west towards the UK. Literally the next day hundreds, then thousands were reported in Scotland and Northern England, surely only a matter of time before I got a big flock on my local patch..... Days turned to weeks... then last night after driving back from Wales a bird caught my attention at the top of a tree - Waxwing. I quickly dropped my wife and dogs home and went straight back out with my scope and camera but it had gone. A quick drive round the estate looking for it/them resulted in nothing and light was fading fast so I called time on it.

This morning a quick look produced nothing at first light, it/they must have gone somewhere else I thought, however as I started my walk into work a familiar shape caught my eye 100m from my front door - the single Waxwing was back - sat atop a silver birch tree with a Blackbird and Greenfinch for company. I raced back home for my bins, got back and it was still sat there. I got some good views of it before I realised I was going to be late for work (again) and left it. It was dark by the time I got home from the office today so I didn't get any further views of it. Will it be there again tomorrow? I hope so!

This is a Waxwing but it is not the one I found yesterday - this was from a few years back in Beverley, East Yorkshire, however this is my photo for a change!

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