Friday, 5 November 2010

A week in the office

I've not had any survey work this week due to having lots of reports to write however I've managed to get a bit of birding in from my desk.

Due to the evening's getting darker earlier and autumn turning into winter the number of gulls about the local area has dramatically increased with an obvious passage occurring an hour or so before sunset until it's almost dark. These birds are presumably coming off fields to the north of town, flying south over York then heading down to the Wheldrake gull roost. Numbers have been between 500-800 birds each afternoon - however this is considered to represent a small proportion of the overall numbers of birds involved due to a) my small field of view from my window and b) I do actually look at my computer scree/desk occasionally!

Another noticeable species has been Pied Wagtail with numbers really building up nicely, peaking at 250 birds flying past my window on Thursday.

I'm just about to head down to Cornwall for a bit of 'a twitch' so keep your fingers crossed! 800 mile round-trip here I come!

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