Saturday, 23 April 2011

Wood Sand and More Migrants

As per my earlier post today Tim found 2 Wood Sandpiper over at East Heslington in York at the University in the early morning. They were around on and off for most of the day by the sound of it, getting flushed occasionally by birdwatchers illustrating the art of no fieldcraft. By last light today there was at least one bird still present with a Green Sandpiper also at the site. At least two Wheatear too. Jono has put some photos of the waders on his blog here.

No birding for me today, not proper birding at any rate. I managed several Common Whitethroat, Lesser Whitethroat, Blackcap, Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff,2 Yellow Wagtail and lots of Yellowhammer and Reed Bunting on my dog walk locally this morning.

This afternoon it was evident that the House Martins were definitely by in, with a good dozen foraging over the house all day. Several Swallows were about too, but most of these seemed to be going straight through.

This evening, I had a garden tick in the form of a Yellow Wagtail over. I also had the/a Cuckoo over again, this time it was calling as it moved along behind the house.


  1. Hi Andy
    How you doing?
    I didn't have your email so thought I would get in touch on here. I have set up a yahoo newsgroup for the York area
    If you fancy signing up that would be ace!
    Cheers Jono

  2. Cheers for this Andy, just checked my blog stats and I managed 49 hits just from your blog alone!

  3. Cheers Jono, have done so!

  4. Tim - No problem thats cool!! Great finds. Its good that there are finally a couple of good birders regularly watching the site finding good birds!