Wednesday, 16 November 2011

More on the Veery...

With the incredible find of a Veery on Muck, Highland today by Dave Barden I thought I’d have a look at the past records, courtesy of Russell Slack’s Rare Birds Where and When (Volume 1).

There were seven records up to the book being published: 1970 (Cornwall), 1987 (Devon), 1995 (Outer Hebrides), 1997 (Devon), 1999 (Cornwall), 2002 (Orkney) and 2005(Shetland). All records were of autumn birds, except the bird in 1997 which was a spring bird.

Since the publication of the above book there has been a further three records, two very well photographed birds on Shetland, both present at the same time (2009), with birds on Foula (1st – 7th October) and Whalsay (2nd – 5th October). The other record (2008) Orkney is pending.

See post below for more photos.

The Veery was still present this evening till dusk at Gallanach Farm and is apparently looking very settled. An issue with getting to this bird may be the availability of boats and the potential poor weather for landing on the island. I’ll post more information when I get it.

Veery © Dave Barden 2011

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