Monday, 13 February 2012

Barn Owls are just Great!

The day got off to an absolute belter, I took the dogs out at dawn for their morning walk. The snow had started to melt quite considerably and it was much milder than the previous few days which made a nice change!

I headed towards a small area of set-aside/fallow land (about 80m squared) I noticed there was a Barn Owl up hunting over it - great stuff. Always nice too see.

As I approached the field I caught sight of another flash of white. Another Barn Owl was hunting in the same area!

As I was taking in the two birds I couldn't believe my eyes as a third bird got up and started hunting in the same small area. I watched all three birds as they foraged over the field for about 10 minutes before they went out of view and I had to crack on. Amazing stuff.

Barn Owl © Richard Hampshire

The only other birds recorded of note was a single Great Spotted Woodpecker, a few Fieldfare, Reed Bunting and two Kestrel.

I spent the day in the office in York City Centre. The highlight here was late morning when a male Goosander flew through following the route of the river. Loads of gulls flew over duing the late afternoon, presumably heading towards the Wheldrake gull roost.


  1. Those Barnies are great indeed!

  2. Lucky you, a fine start to the day :)

  3. Thanks Tammy + Dave - the three were still showing off nicely this morning too!

  4. sounds the perfect way to start the day...fingers crossed for no more harsh weather

  5. Hi Claire - such a good way to put me in a good mood in the morning! Think I've had at least 7 Barn Owls this week now!!