Thursday, 2 February 2012


Some good local birds today, Iceland Gull, Great Grey Shrike, Goshawk and Short-eared Owl all recorded in the YOC recording area. I worked at home so didn't get any of the above unfortunately however due to the nights drawing out a little I managed to nip out to a local site just before dusk to catch up with a local year tick in the form of 3 stunning Jack Snipe. Amazingly close-up views sat in amongst the waterside vegetation, great camouflage!

Jack Snipe © Tim Jones 2011

Looking forward to tomorrows surveys, high potential for some decent activity. But really looking forward to the weekend, Friday night we drive down to Southampton for a weekend of birding - hopefully the target birds will play ball...


  1. 3 on the deck !
    Hats off to ya
    Roll on the light nights.

  2. Very nice photo. Thanks.