Monday, 20 February 2012

Spring IS here says Mr Corn Bunting

Spring is definitely here! This morning on the local patch dog walk yesterdays Yellowhammers that were showing indications of getting into the spirit of spring by making a few vocalisations were in full song. Great stuff!! I had at least 2 males singing this morning.

Other birds noted on the walk were 2 Barn Owls (one of which came quite close as we walked near a nice grassy headland), the Great Spot was very vocal and a Kestrel was out and about nice and early too. At least 7 Roe Deer were distantly mooching across a winter wheat field. Several Lapwing were about and Golden Plover was heard somewhere but not pinned down. There appeared to be more Chaffinch singing and a pair of Bullfinch were noted in some scrub. Skylarks again were singing away.

I was in the office today - nothing of note seen here today, however en route to the office I had a few interesting sightings involving a Common Gull, Kestrel and Blackbird... tune in tomorrow to find out more about that one!

Highlight of the drive to work however was the return of 'Mr Corn Bunting'. Mr Corn Bunting sits on a gatepost between Elvington and York during the breeding season and sings there pretty much all day long! Today was the first time he's been back this year - therefore spring IS here. In fact he was singing so loud this morning I heard him through the closed window of my car! I will try and record how many days he's there for this year! My bet's on 207 days... Any takers... I'm interested to learn whether this represents an early singing date - Anyone have any input on this....?

Corn Bunting: Photo Chris Gomersall


  1. It seems that Mr Corn Bunting is telling everyone that a king is back!

  2. Certainly is back! Singing away again today too, same post! Makes the drive to work a little bit more bearable!