Friday, 14 September 2012

A blustery day!

A pretty windy one today, started very well.  I stepped out the back door this morning to take the dogs on their walk and looked up to see a Green Sandpiper flying over the back garden! This is only the second time I've seen the species over the garden, the last (and first) was only a month ago.

I guess there is some potential that it's the same bird that's moving around the ditches in the local farmland, alternatively it could quite easily be another migrant given the time of year.

The day didn't really get any better as I was stuck in the office, however given the windy conditions I probably didn't miss too much!  I didn't make the harrier roost tonight but heard that between 10 and 14 birds were potentially in the area. Will take another look tomorrow.

Hoping the wind dies down overnight so I can make the most of tomorrow and do some local birding, however I may be tempted to the coast if the conditions improve!

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