Thursday, 25 October 2012

Fogless Flamborough

Headed over to Flamborough again today. Very different from yesterday which was foggy and full of Fieldfare.  Today was much better visibility and I could see more than 30m! There was a hugely noticeable reduction in Fieldfare, presumably they've now all moved inland. (I had my first local ones this morning on my dog walk along with Redwing and Brambling). There was still a decent number around, several hundred, plus numerous Redwing and still lots of Blackbird.  I found 3 Ring Ouzel, two of which showed well.

There was a nice flock of over 50 Brambling which showed well and also had a small flock of Redpoll (including a very white bird - but only seen in flight and lost to view), and had a couple of flocks of Twite.

Goldcrest were plentiful again, but there also appeared to be less of these than yesterday, and more Robin too. Also a couple of Blue and Great Tits. Highlight however was an adult male Black Redstart, however I couldn't get any pictures as it flew down the ravine and out of sight. Interestingly I had 3 Jays come in from somewhere east at height and 2 Swallow flew south.

Back to work tomorrow, but at least I'm surveying on the east coast! Could be OK! Where to go birding at the weekend.....


  1. Darn it, everyone's finding ring ouzel but me, I'll have to come back south to the northeast!

  2. Yeah there's loads of them at the minute in with the Fieldfare and Blackbirds! Hoping to find one in the York area as the flocks move inland as Ring Ouzel is a rare bird locally! Are you still on Shetland?