Sunday, 16 December 2012

Back in the LDV

Morning walk produced an incredible immature female Peregrine, she was huge! Only a small flock of finches today, 50+ Linnet and a few Chaffinch and Brambling.

Went down to North Duffield Carrs for a bit this afternoon, it was fairly quiet due to several people walking along the river bank that flushed everything as far as I could see. Eventually it picked up as the afternoon progressed (and the disturbance reduced). Several gulls flew through, Lapwing and Ruff flew in/past but the highlights were 5 Pochard, a very close-up Barn Owl and the two biggies, male Goosander which flew through heading south, and 3 Barnacle Geese (that got the year-listers in a flap...wild/feral.... who knows!)... but can you afford to not see them?...

Had 2 Marsh Harriers this pm, one of which caught a Lapwing! There was a few Whooper Swans about but most were very distant.


  1. nice one Andy makes you wonder what else is lurking out there did you get to ellerton?

    1. Yeah lots probably!!! I didn't male it to Ellerton in the end as ran out of time!!

  2. Nice one I'm going to have to get on those brambling before the years out after dipping bewicks, barnacles would be lovely too!

  3. Good luck Andy, its been dark last few times I've walked down there this week but bet they're still there! Had some flying over your street on Friday am! They may start appearing on feeders like they did in 2010!

  4. That would be nice! I get loads of chaffinches keeping my eyes peeled, there probably there when im out!!