Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A drive-by Shrike

An initially intriguing report of a possible Great Grey Shrike came over the York Birding email group this morning from a village on the edge of York. As I was driving home at lunchtime I decided I'd drive through the village and keep an eye open for the Shrike but unfortunately there was no sign, though I did see a small covey of five Grey Partridge a Corn Bunting and a Little Owl.

It later transpired that the person who'd thought they'd had a the Shrike said there was 6 of them! So presumably they were Magpies...? Never mind, you win some, you lose some! Better to hear about these things and get them checked out. It would have been a bit gutting if a nice photo arrived at the end of the year long after the bird had gone!



  1. Even worse, imagine a photo of 6 Great Grey Shrikes appears!!!!

  2. haha yeah that would be bad!!!