Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Mealy Redpoll: Pocklington Canal

Just a quick one as about to go out on a nocturnal survey...

Went for a walk along the Pocklington Canal this morning, found a huge mixed flock of Lesser Redpoll and Siskin (200+ birds - very impressive). There was at least one Mealy Redpoll in amongst them. I may well go back at the weekend to try and get some pictures and see if there's anything else good in with the flock as although flighty, they would show well at times and there may well have been more than the one Mealy too!

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  1. Hi Andy, enjoying your informative blog- very professional. A blast from the past here-Chris G from (as you used to say- dirty!!) Leeds. Let us know if you want to catch up- I`m on same mobile no- been a long time, would be good. take care