Monday, 7 January 2013

Stoatally Incredible!

Whilst out birding in the local (York) area on Saturday (which, incidentally was an awesome day) I came across a Stoat dead on the road, it had only just happened as it was still very warm.  It was great to be able to take a detailed look at this ferocious hunter, though obviously a shame it was dead!  Its spent the last couple of days in my car as I totally forgot about it! Made me jump this AM when I got back in it!

Stoat Mustela erminea. Key ID features are: its size, orangey/brown with a creamy white throat and belly. Stoats are larger than Weasels Mustela nivalis, and have a longer tail with a black tip. When alive, Stoats bound along the ground whereas Weasels run close to the ground. Length: up to 32cm, plus a tail of up to 14cm. Weight: 450g. Stoats often take down prey much bigger than themselves with Rabbits a favourite!

If all else fails use the rhyme that my Grampy told me: Weasels are weasily distinguished because a stoat is stotally different!

Here are a few photos (it was interesting to note how they have whiskers on their front legs!):

Stoat - full shot

Stoat - head shot 

Stoat - feet

Stoat - black-tipped tail

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