Saturday, 6 June 2015

US Photos... Coming Soon...

Have been back from my USA trip for a couple of weeks now and am almost finished sorting through my photos - hope to get a few pics up on here soon! Had a great time (as you'd expect!) birding in Florida, Ohio and Michigan. Loads of great birds and other wildlife. A definite highlight was seeing over 30 species of American Warblers in their full breeding plumage glory!

In the meantime go and check out these awesome State Bird T-shirts from Ornithopolis! The shirts show the shape of the state with the state bird and the 4-letter ringing (banding) code! Seriously cool clothes! See the collection hereIn honour of my time in Ohio I got the Ohio state shirt - complete with Northern Cardinal! I also ordered a few other T-shirts of cool states/state birds just because they look good!

A Northern Cardinal in Yorkshire! 


  1. That's great Alan - I've got some more on the way too! Can't wait to get them!