Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Office MEGA: Med Gull tick & Shelduck Garden Tick!

Anyone who's been following my blog for a while will know I'm an avid keeper of bird lists for where I spend a lot of time, e.g. garden list, office list, survey list, patch list etc etc... nothing serious, just for a bit of fun...

Last night I added a new bird species to my garden list in the form of a very vocal Shelduck flying over at 2315hrs! This was a strange one as only recently I was thinking I should get one during the day due to the numbers currently present (based on my sightings in the LDV recently and info on the excellent, and highly informative LDV ringing blog). This was very satisfying!

Today I was in the office, thousands of gulls fly over each afternoon from their feeding grounds to the Wheldrake/Humber roosts, many times I've wished I'd got bins with me and today I had a pair which resulted in my 2nd tick in a few hours - this time, amongst a flock of small gulls circling the city at around 4pm was a cracking Mediterranean Gull!! A fantastic office tick! Right over York City Centre!!!

Mediterranean Gull (Richard Hampshire)

UPDATE: Got a message from Christopher, a York birder today (8th March) saying he's just had a Med Gull over the River in York near Lendel Bridge, I wonder if its the same bird as the one I had?


  1. Good one Andy, I've been hoping to find one at Rawcliffe Lake or the Ings when flooded but not managed it yet, still good to know they are in the area.

  2. Thanks Nigel, not sure how far these birds are coming from over York, whether they are from Poppleton/Rufforth or somewhere else... Will keep a pair of bins on my desk from now on!!! I think Tim had Med Gull at Hes East a few weeks back again and I had one about the same time in fields near Wheldrake. Wherever they are coming from they seem to be following the river loosly I think...