Sunday, 18 March 2012

Some Good Local Birding This Weekend

On Saturday I had a quick hour or so over at North Duffield Carrs which was very enjoyable. There was at least 4 Short-eared Owls performing across the reserve, generally fairly distant from the hide but still nice to see (I thought there was 5 but couldn't confirm it). A bit of scanning resulted in a very very distant Barn Owl but then a quick look below the hide resulted in great views of one sat right outside the window! Unfortunately the angle didn't allow for photos. I also had another on the way home. A raptor was picked out sat on a fencepost at the back of the reserve, once in the scope it was clear it was a male Merlin. Buzzard, Kestrel and Sparrowhawk were all noted.

A typical range of waders were noted, with lots of territorial displaying (Lapwing and Curlew) with 2 vocal Redshank also seen.

This morning I had an enjoyable local dog walk with 2 male Great Spotted Woodpeckers chasing each other around.

Went back down to North Duffield Carrs this afternoon and got 5 Short-eared Owls. 2 of the birds were really close to the hide, 2 were mid distance and 1 was way off, though they all ranged about a fair bit. I managed a couple of record shots on my phone (below). Again the distant Barn Owl was observed. There appeared to be a few more waders present today with several snipe seen - all flushed by the hunting owls, with 3/4 Redshank and a number of Curlew and Lapwing present. Didn't see the Merlin around today but I bet it was out there somewhere!

Short-eared Owl (NDC)

Short-eared Owl (NDC)

Short-eared Owl (NDC)

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